Dec 13: More about Ordering Disorder

Creative friends!

We’re meeting on Saturday, December 13th to discuss Ordering Disorder. It’s a session dedicated grids and layout!

We have two awesome speakers lined up for the event!

  • Arpan Chinta will provide an overview of grids in web layout and how to work within and outside of them. Learn from experience and learn through examples.
  • Jai Undurti will be speaking about panel breakdowns in comic books. How does one break up the action in a page into discrete panels/images; also some context on translating script into a coherent visual narrative.

Space is limited, so please RSVP!

Please RSVP!

As with any design evening, the event is full of dialog, discussions, and learning from each other. So, come join us with your examples and stories of what has worked and not in your lives!


More about our speakers:

Arpan been designing & developing web applications for more than 9 years. He now specialize in cross-device Responsive Web Design and Web application accessibility. Arpan is a designer at Uncommon. helped start Every City is a Story, which is a unique city-centric graphic storytelling initiative. His current projects include “The Robots of Dharma”, a series set in a dystopian India. His interests include Science-Fiction, chess and writing on travel.
He is the creative director of Syenagiri, a boutique pre-production house.