Hello 2014!

2014.. here we go!

Things are brewing nicely for 2014!

  • getRTI design workshop: getRTI is both a crowd-sourced public repository of all RTI data and a filing platform, built with love in Hyderabad. The getRTI team will join us on Jan 11th for a brainstorming session on improving the usability of their application.
  • Logo love workshop: Join the creative crew from 17dNorth as they walk us through the ins & outs of logo design. This will be followed by iterating through some designs for local open source software or community programmes (proposals welcome!)

So, we hope you join us in 2014!


2013 roundup

Hyderabad Design Evenings came together one fine afternoon in Hyderabad at the lovely Lamakaan. The idea was formulated through several meetings of the Hyderabad UI Design & Dev group that was formed earlier in the year.

There seemed to be a general consensus that there wasn’t a community  that celebrated the vibrant and growing Hyderabad creatives or a space where we could come together and collaborate on new projects that would make the city and the products we make better.

After several meetings at Lamakaan we realized that we needed a more workshop type of space where we could brainstorm & collaborate on design solutions. Farhan came through with the most wonderful Hyderabad Liberal Arts Institute space. This space is perfectly suited for design evenings, with lot’s of light, many writing surfaces for collaboration, and pretty much all the low-tech and high-tech solutions needed for brainstorming.

Our first event here we collaborated on improving bus transportation signage for the city, a project proposed by Harsha Devulapalli from Hyderabad Urban Lab.