Jan 11th: get RTI

The getRTI team has requested Hyderabad Design Evenings to brainstorm solutions around their open source repository to help anyone file and get access to RTI (Right to Information) requests.


Eventbrite - Hyderabad Design Evenings: getRTI

User Persona

Pretty much anyone who needs access to information from the Government. A citizen, activist group, government entity.

Design Challenge

The getRTI repository has 1000’s of documents that have been categorized/tagged by geography, subject, department, etc. At Design Evenings we will be:

  • Iterating through the ideal way for users to be able to search & find information
  • Display patterns found in this data. For example “There is a concentration of RTI requests regarding police brutality in region XYZ”

About the app

GetRTI is both a crowd-sourced public repository of all RTI information as well as a filing platform. Anyone can  can use this platform to search from hundreds and eventually thousands of requests as well as reuse data.

  • Data of RTI applications, replies in terms of subject of the application, department, geography etc would be available.
  • The citizen could search for a specific RTI information if its already filed by somebody, activist groups could use this data to campaign for better proactive disclosure policies, greater transparency from departments where there is greater demand for information. Government could use this data to improve their disclosure regime.

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