Hyderabad Design Evening: Do Din Edition

In this episode we will focus on urban design problems surrounding Do Din – a two day community driven urban techno-arts event.

One of the tracks at Do Din is Gyarah Number Bus (Route 11) is urban slang for walking in the city. (You rely on your two legs to get to places). The session will focus multiple hacks on mobility & transportation.

User Persona

Anyone who has to use public transport to get around. Where do they get started, how do they acquaint themselves with available routes, how long do they need to wait for the next bus, when can they reach their destination?

Design Challenges

  1. Logo Design: Gyarah Number Bus or Nawabi Sawari
  2. Route Board: Redesign the Route Board for RTC buses so they are easy to read and many times do not include Urdu.
  3. How do I get there? We have bus route/frequency data from RTC. How can this be represented in a way that someone can easily download & print a pocket size version that is relevant to them.

What’s it all about?

Design Evenings is a group that fosters and celebrates  creative communities in cities across India, and soon across the world.

We meet once a month for 3 hours to solve one local design problem; proposed by open source software makers, local activists and non-profits, and anyone who wants to collaborate. We brainstorm, sketch & wireframe, and discuss towards identifying a set of possible approaches to solve the problem.

We invite designers, innovators, and thinkers from all disciplines to join us.

If you are interested in hosting a Design Evening in your city, drop us a note!