As you may have heard Design Evenings is a community partner for Has Geek’s Meta Refresh 2014. If you are someone who does anything on the web, then this is the event for you! There’s something for everyone – whether you are a designer, front end engineer, UX person, or someone who’s just curious about the space.

The schedule

Three reasons to attend

  • Learn something new from experts in the field. The Meta Refresh team has carefully curated each talk and workshop to create a landscape of everything you need to learn about the construction of user interface on the web.
  • Meet awesome people from all over the country who are each in their own way trying to push the envelope in their areas of work & play.
  • Have some fun! What can be better than listening & engaging with smart minds, learning, and playing all at a superbly, professionally organized conference & workshop in Bangalore.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now: and hope to see you there!