Design Evenings is a group that fosters and celebrates  creative communities in cities across India, and soon across the world.

We meet twice a month and discuss design, solve a problem, or just hang out with other designers.

We invite designers, innovators, and thinkers from all disciplines to join us.

If you are interested in hosting a Design Evening in your city, drop us a note!

Core Team

Chapter Leads

  • Bangalore: Kavita Arora
  • Hyderabad: Saraswati Chandra

Many thanks!


The idea of Design Evening was formulated one summer evening in 2013 by Tulsi Dharmarajan as a response to the lack of creative conversations in the city.  Prashant came up with the name and ideas on how to float the community. Through many iterations of the event, Design Evening has gone from a “talking” space to a “doing” space.  Today DE is an iterative, collaborative space where we brainstorm solutions for one problem at a time. By embracing community groups, targeting open source software, and engaging with local activist the solutions we try and solve have more impact and feel more meaningful. We hope you will join our movement!

DE in your city

Are you ready to join the movement to bring creativity and design to open source and real world problems. If so, perhaps you are willing to start a local chapter. It’s easy to get started – drop us a note